Declaration for Daliangshan International Theatre Festival


Winter comes along with the Minor Snow, the 20th solar term, and the Big Dipper is going down towards the west. We are here for a rendezvous in the mountains, by the water, in this city in Southwest China, with spring and sunshine, and with the Big Dipper in the sky. We are here in Liangshan, to greet the Lake of Qionghai, and embrace the city of Xichang.

Liangshan Yi Prefecture, the largest settlement of Yi people in China, is a hub of business and trade between the East and West, and a centerfor cultural communication between the North and South. The Southern Silk Road wound its way through the Anning River, Mt. Luoji, Lugu Lake and Shangri-La. The Chengdu-Kunming Railway built in the 1970s serves as an incarnation of this ancient route. Nowadays, with a bird’s eye view of the big mountains, we can see that the highway shortens the distance between rivers and mountains, warms our hearts, and witnesses the evolution of mankind.

With innate compassion, truth-seeking, redemption, reflective and innovative spirit, drama has developed itself as ideology along the way. No matter how many years people experience the happiness and sadness in life, we stubbornly yearn to innersein drama for truth. Yi people advocate “Zi Zi Pu Wu” as the ultimate destination of their soul, we found a piece of pure land among DaLiangshan, as attribution of drama, and home for theatrical people. Starting from here, theatre will stride over the whole world, leap over time, complexion and races, and overcome barriers of language and culture. In the sunny winter days, we take mountains and lakes as our stage, soma flowers as our setting, and each and every smilingface as our actors and actresses.

With obsession for the "enlightenment" of drama, we crave for instructive theatrical works. This would be our pursuing goal of the“mountain unit”, “lake unit” and “city unit” of the DaLiangshan InternationalTheatre Festival. The plays are on the stages, the stages locate in the city, the city is surrounded by alpine lakes. With each stage encountered, poetic feelings and grand visions would be nurtured. We! And, You! We all have an unyielding belief: THEATRE WILL UNFOLD IN LIANGSHAN.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations”. Here in the largest gathering place of Yi people, we would like to make good use of the environment of DaLiangshan, and confidently hold the never-quenching torch of theatre!

Sponsor  Pu Cunxi

Sponsor Term (Alphabetical order by Surname) 

A Lai, Huang Doudou, Huang Dingshan, Jidi Majia, Jean Lambert-Wild (France)

Li Bonan, Liao Changyong, Li Ting, Michael Leibenluft (USA)

Noam Semel (Israel), Roberto Ciulli (Germany)

Son Jin Chaek (South Korea), Tan Weiwei, Wang Xiaoying, Zhong Chengxiang

Zhou Chunya, Makoto Nakashima (Japan), Zhao Miao

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