Li Ting
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National first-class screenwriter, former President and Art Director of Sichuan People’s Art Theater, Director of China Theatre Association, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Theatre Association.

Major Works:

Drama: Sister, Be a Woman again in Next Life, Boat across the Three Gorges, A Farmer, Searching for the Forgotten Village of Abloha, Spirit of Homeland, The 29th Tree, Memory Code–Story of a Steel Worker; Musical Drama: Youth Campus Musical “Wei Lai” (Future) Band & Wei Lai Band 2008, Distant Seagull, Burning Snowfield, Sino-US Cooperative Bilingual Musical Brave Love·Flood in the Valley; Opera: Alliance between the Liangshan People and Red Army.

Major Awards: 

She has received the Wenhua Screenwriting Award from the Chinese Ministry of Culture twice, the Golden Lion Award for Chinese Drama for three times, the Cao Yu Drama Literature Award. She is one of the 100 outstanding young artists of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, an Advanced Worker of the Ministry of Culture of China, and a Virtuoso Artist of the China Theatre Association entitled expert allowance of the State Council. She was awarded the Lifetime Honor Award from the Chinese Drama Association and National Labor Medal, and she is one of the academic and technological scholars and an advanced worker of Sichuan Province.

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