Jidi Majia
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Born in Yi Autonomous Prefecture, the largest Yi-dwelling area in southwest China in June 1961, he is one of the most representative poets in contemporary society as well as an international poet of extensive influence. His poems have been translated into nearly 30 languages, with more than 70 versions of his poetry published in dozens of countries across the world. He is now a member of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), and Vice President and Executive Secretary of the Chinese Writers Association (CWA).

Major Works:

Poetry: Song of Love, Eagle Wings and the Sun, Identity, Words of Fire, I, Snow Leopard..., From Snow Leopard to Vladimir Mayakovsky, Twenty Sonnets for Mother, Poems of Jidi Majia, The Great River (a multilingual long poem), etc. He is a founder of Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival, Qinghai International Poets Tent Roundtable Forum, Xichang Qionghai International Poetry Week and Chengdu International Poetry Week. 

Major Awards: 

The Third China National Poetry Prize, Guo Moruo Literature Prize, Zhuang Zhongwen Literary Prize, Sholokhov Memorial Prize, Rou Gang Literary Prize, International Chinese Poet Pen Association Chinese Poetry Soul Award, South Africa’s Mkiwa Humanitarian Award, European Medal of Poetry and Art, HOMER, Romanian Contemporary Magazine Award for Poetry Excellence, Bucharest City Poetry Award, Janitsky Literature Prize, Poland, Art Festival (King’s College, Cambridge) Lifetime Achievement Award and Poland’s Tadeusz Miciński “PHOENIX” International Expressionism Award.

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