Qian Wenzhong
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Professor of Department of History at Fudan University, Supervisor of Chinese Culture Academy. In 1984, Qian was admitted to the Department of Oriental Languages and Literature of Peking University, majoring in Sanskrit and Pali, under the tutelage of Mr. Ji Xianlin, a famous Chinese writer, linguist, educator and social activist. In the mid-1980s, he studied in the Department of Indian and Tibetan History and Culture at Hamburg University, Germany, under the guidance of three famous professors, Hinduist Prof. A. Wezler, Buddhist Prof. L. Schmithausen, and Iranologist Prof. R. E. Emmerick. He majored in Hinduism and minored in Tibetology and Iranology.

Major Works:

Mona Buddhism: Root of Consciousness, Door under Snow: Teacher Ji Xianlin and His Thoughts, Tianzhu and Buddha, Essays on Current Affairs, Xuanzang’s Journey to the West, Pali Script, Qian Wenzhong’s Interpretation of the Three Character Classic (Mainland Edition & Taiwan Edition), When I Studied with Teacher Ji Xianlin, etc.

Major Awards: 

His academic writing took off in the first year of university, and he won the first prize of “Ji Xianlin Scholarship for Oriental Studies”.

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