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Inset: Veteran theater directors, actors and scholars attend the announcement ceremony for the Daliangshan International Theatre Festival Photo: Courtesy of Daliangshan International Theatre Festival 


Posters for the Daliangshan International Theatre Festival Photo: Xu Liuliu/GT

Mountainous Daliangshan in Southwest China's Sichuan Province is set to host the very first international theater festival in the area, a group of veteran Chinese theater actors, directors and scholars announced in Beijing on March 27, World Theater Day. 

According to the group, which includes actor Pu Cunxin, director Wang Xiaoying and poet Jidi Majia, every November the festival, the very first of its kind in Southwest China, will stage various plays as well as dialogues, talks and classes in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, where the Daliangshan Mountains are located. 

"The place is ideal for such a festival with its cultural facilities such as a public square and theaters as well as solid cultural traditions of singing and dancing," said Pu, who paid a visit to Liangshan in December 2018. He stated that he found the singing of the local Yi people so appealing that he knew it would be able to reach right to the bottom of audiences' hearts. 

Chinese writer A Lai, one of the 20 founders of the festival, said that theater plays can cross the boundaries of time and language to influence people in many ways. 

Founders also include dancer Huang Doudou, French theater director Jean Lambert-Wild, Scottish director Kevin MacDonald and Israeli director Noam Semel. 

"The festival will not be limited to only the theater industry, because we know that stage art is mixed with various kinds of arts. We are such an international and diversified team," explained director Wang Xiaoying, who is well-known internationally for his version of Richard III. 

Wang also explained that this year's theme for the theater festival will be "Return and Gaze" in an attempt to inspire theater directors and actors to return to their original aspirations. 

The festival will include three sections: Mountain, which will see three to five works staged at theaters surrounded Daliangshan's Torch Square; Lake, which aims to explore small- and medium-sized theater plays at venues near Qionghai Lake; and Town, which will host dialogues, talks and seminars in Liangshan's Old Town. 

Source:Global Times

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