Makoto Nakashima (Japan)
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Japanese theater director, founder and director of Bird Theatre Company in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, member of the International Committee of China-Korea-Japan Theater Festival (BeSeTo). In 2006, the “Bird Theatre Company” was founded in Tottori Prefecture, turning an abandoned school into a theater. He has been committed to popularizing the deep value of performing arts and theater. His focus is on the pursuit and the spread of artistic value through showing the original power of performing arts.

Major Awards: 

The Toga Director Contest Grand Prix Award in 2003, the Tottori City Culture Award in 2008, the Japan National Artist Award in 2009, the Grand Prix Grand Prix in the Con-test directed by Toga in 2003, and the Minister of Education Art New Artist Award in 2010, the Tottori Cultural Achievement Award in 2015.

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