Tan Weiwei
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Well-known Chinese singer and songwriter

Major Works:

 Albums: Heart of Grassland, Ear World, Tan XX, 3, Tortoise called Achilles, Guanzhao. Representative Works: Show You Some True Colors, If There is An Afterlife, Tan XX. Her creation of “Show You Some True Colors” has become a model of the integration of Chinese rock and traditional folk art.

Major Awards: 

The Chinese Music Media Awards in the category of Best Female Mandopop singer, China Music Awards in the category of Most Popular Female Singer in Mainland China, Best Chinese Female Singer and Best Rock Singer; The song Encounter was awarded Taiwan’s Golden Horse Prize for Best Original Film Song. The song Flowers Blossom was also shortlisted for the 54th Golden Horse Awards and the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Original Film Song.

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