Son Jin Chaek (Korea)
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Korean Theater Director, Art Director of the Korean Beauty and Ugly Theater.

Major Works:

Drama: The Other Side, The Wizard in the Wall, Diary in Rehe, Records of the Three Kingdoms, The Tempest, Asian Hot Spring, Snow in March, Hamlet, The Tale of Shim-Chung, etc. Changgeuk: The Righteous Man Yun Bong-gji, The Tale of Shim-Chung, Arirang, Im Kkokjong, The Painter Kim Hong-do, etc.

The Chief Director of the dance drama The Last Empress in the 5th BESETO International Theatre Festival (1998), the Opening Ceremony of the Korea-Japan World Cup (2002), the 17th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of South Korea (2008), the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic of Korea (2008), the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit (2012), and the opening and closing ceremonies of International Military Sports (2015), etc.

Major Awards:

 The New Director Award of the 12th Korean Theater Film Art Awards, the 9th Korean Theater Art Award, the 11th Seoul Theater Festival Director Award, the Director Award of Korean Baeksang Art Awards, the Director Award of the 25th Korean Baeksang Art Awards, the Director Award of the 18th Seoul Drama Festival, the Director Award of the 30th Korean Baeksang Art Awards, and the 13th Lee Hailang Drama Award.

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